How to Write a Perfect Conclusion of Your Essay

How to Write a Perfect Conclusion of Your Essay?

All academic papers, whether they are dissertations, theses, or doctoral dissertations, have a conclusion. A conclusion has specific characteristics that must be observed and can sometimes present difficulties. In this article, we will explain what it is and give you 10 keys so that you know how to write the conclusion of an academic paper correctly.


What Is the Conclusion?


Many students purchase a research paper or essay because they don’t know what the conclusion is. It is when you need to summarize what has been developed over the course of the paper, as well as to make new reflections based on what has been researched. This often leads to confusion because the conclusion is thought to be a summary of what has already been explained in the development.


0 Keys to Write a Proper Conclusion


So, as promised in the title, below is an overview of 10 keys that will help you make the perfect conclusion to your research paper.


Save your writing for last


Do this at the end of your research paper. After you’ve carefully read all the work you’ve done, take time to reflect: have I met the general and specific objectives? Did I answer the research question? Did I test my hypothesis? This information should be contained in your ideal conclusion.


Make the connection between the conclusion and the introduction


Follow the line of coherence with the introduction. In other words, connect the two parts to support your argument.


Reflect on your hypothesis


Reflect on your hypothesis. Usually, when a hypothesis is rejected in a research project, you seek to reformulate it. This entire process can be included in the conclusion. Also, emphasize the most important aspect of your work. In addition, summarize the work you have done, including the limitations of your research.


Summarize the main points


Although you do not have to summarize your paper, you can write a summary of the work you have done. The conclusion presents the most important points of your research.


Write a conclusion, stating your own point of view

Include new reflections. After you have answered the questions in the first paragraph, think: What new reflections or contributions emerge from the analysis?


Clearly identify your new contributions


Write down why your research was useful to your field of study, i.e., why it is necessary to work in the discipline.


Discover new perspectives on the analysis


Mention what new avenues of research are opening up because of your work. Research is not a finished answer to the topic at hand; no study has an endpoint because it can be used to start a new study. Therefore, it offers new perspectives for analysis.


Do not introduce new topics in the conclusion


You should not introduce new topics for analysis. All of the areas analyzed in your paper should be developed in the main body of the text. You cannot include a new topic in the conclusion; you should only reach new reflections that follow from what you have studied.


Use appropriate connectors


Use proper connectors in the conclusion. They alert you that there will be concluding elements and thus put the reader into that context. 


Keep length in mind


Keep the length in mind. The length of the conclusion depends on the length of the development and the conclusion. For example, a properly proportioned paper would look like this: 2 pages of introduction, 10 pages of development, and 1 or 2 pages of conclusion.

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