Top 10 Youngest Hollywood Actresses

Hollywood is currently the most popular heroine. I’m here to bring you a new list of younger / newcomers in Hollywood. 

Top 10! Sophie Turner:

Sophie Turner is a British-born actress. She was born in 1996. she is 25 years old. As a result of him, The best young heroine can be kept on the list. she also acted alongside modeling. she only acted in a few films. Her famous film name is Another me, Barely Lethal, Alone, X-Men: Apocalypse, etc. Sophie Turner has been famous for acting at the Game of Thrones.



Top 09! Emma Stone:


Emma Stone is a very popular heroine. she was born in America in 1988. she is 33 years old. she has worked in action, comedy, and romantic movies. Her acted movie is The Amazing Spider-man, The Help,  Easy A, Superbad, Paper Man Etc.  she is famous for acting in the movie of the Spiderman series. 

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