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New fashion pictures 2021

All people have their own fashion. Everyone loves to dress up, wear clothes. But which type of fashion will adhere to, it depends on their size and external color. It is wise to choose a dress and dress accordingly. Let’s not know what kind of suit and costume you will accept.


Fairy color fashion 


Many people think The color of the complexion makes sense to wear all types of colors. But in reality, the matter is slightly different. In-person should select clothing color. Girls in the dark color seem more elegant than light colors.


Night and day different


It is very nice to see the clothes on the dolls in the showrooms .so we buy quickly. When I came home we saw the difference between night and day. You should understand whether the skin will agree with clothing or with a long dress.


Hair/new Hair fashion photo


Take a look at the costumes of beautiful clothes in your hairstyle and makeup.

Party or ceremony


In the case of selection of more important clothing such as party type, work area, time, etc. Along with that, age, health, etc. should be kept in mind. 


Shoes or bags/fashion jewelry


Your beautiful dress or garment can be dirty because of your incompatibility shoes or bags. Meanwhile, it should be kept in mind.



Thick cloth/fashion dresses


The thick cloth dress shows the obese man thicker, Likewise, the dark color of the large printed cloth and body looks wider.


Model photography

Choose the color of your clothes, understand your length, skin color, and time and time, Such as morning, day, night and monsoon, sunshine, or winter. If you are shaved then it is better to avoid stark colors or big print colors, Read light colors on a sunny day, such as light pink, Ghee, light green, sky,  Etc. The colors of small prints or cotton work clothes are as comfortable as they are. 

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